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Surf Coaching

Surf Coaching

Trying a surf coaching session for the first time is incredible.

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great coaches to improve our own surfing and coaching techniques. When you get the fundamentals in making the drop, generating speed, turning etc explained for the first time it’s as though a blanket has been lifted from in front of your eyes.

You can book our coaching sessions anytime.

Come and work on your surfing 1:1, bring a few friends or book into one of our dedicated coaching weekends.




The classes are catered to you, your level and enjoyment in the surf.

We’ll work with professional tools for video analysis and give you tangible goals and exercises to work on.  Our aim is to bridge the gap between where your surfing is currently, and where you want to be!

You’ll pass those frustrating hurdles much faster and be ripping turns past your friends with a smile on your face!