Beach Manager

Position: Full time, Fixed Term


Always wanted to… Lead a team and take charge of a busy and exciting beach operation?

This is a management role based at the beach for those with previous teaching experience and ISA L1 qualifications. You’ll have a really solid skill level when it comes to surfing, and be an expert on all things surf theory.

We pride ourselves on delivering lessons to the very highest standards and are looking for a highly driven Beach Manager to lead our team and bring enthusiasm, energy and stoke!


What we’re looking for

Your Experience


  1. You have experience working as a Surf Instructor and have relevant qualifications (ISA Level 1 and Beach Lifeguard Award are essential)
  2. You’ve managed a team before.
  3. You’re solid when it comes to surfing. You don’t have to be a pro but you consistently catch waves and are well on your way to Level 4. *LINK*
  4. You execute and get things done.
  5. You’re cool as a cucumber under pressure.
  6. You’re independent and take ownership of your responsibilities and tasks.
  7. You’re a quick learner. Things move fast here!
  8. You are scarily organised.
  9. Your communication is spot on. 

Your Vibe


  1. You have high energy levels and a positive outlook on life. We love to see those good vibes!
  2. You have a keen eye for detail and are able to present your notes and feedback.
  3. You know how to crack the whip, but make people feel good at the same time.
  4. You’re a natural host and can make customers, guests and team members feel at home here. 
  5. You’re all about having a positive impact on the people you interact with, leaving them with a memorable experience
  6. You’re well presented. Hair brushed and wetsuit washed, you’re our face of the brand.
  7. You’re flexible and open to lending a hand where it’s needed.
  8. You leave your ego at the door, and want to join a team that works hard, supports each other and has fun along the way.

You’ll be enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable, to ensure that customers leave the beach more in love with surfing than when they arrive.

What you’ll be doing

The Role


  1. Work with the Directors and other Managers to take ownership of all operational elements of the surf school. That’s everything to do with the beach, surf equipment and surf instructors. It’s a big job with huge potential to put your stamp on it.
  2. Be the first port of call for every customer who arrives at the beach. You’ve got The Knowledge and if it’s not you, you’ve made sure that someone on your team is briefed and has it covered.
  3. Be the eyes and ears on the ground. You’ll communicate frequently with the Shop Manager to ensure the surf school check in process runs like a well oiled machine between Narosa HQ and the beach
  4. Have eyes glued to the surf forecast. Ability to anticipate surf conditions with tide, wind and swell changes becomes second nature to you. One day out, one week out, two weeks out, you’ll be the one who knows what’s happening in the ocean, and be able to apply it to the lesson schedule and logistics.
  5. Be a leader. You’ll set an example for the guys in your team by having the non-negotiables nailed. Punctual, well presented, reliable and organised are all part of the tone that the beach team sets. You’ll earn the respect of your team by delegating smartly, and grafting where needed.
  6. Have your equipment in check. Your gear looks immaculate at all times, so when customers arrive at the beach they’re blown away. We’re talking everything from overseeing the daily wetsuit cleaning, to organising board repairs and van maintenance.
  7. Be a master of information. You’ll be using our booking software remotely to manage bookings and collate information on lessons. You’ll be expected to deliver daily briefs to your team, and present to the rest of the Narosa team weekly.
  8. Show people an awesome time. You’ll be enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable, to ensure that customers leave the beach more in love with surfing than when they arrive.