Sales & Marketing Manager

Position: Full time, Permanent


Always wanted to… Steer the commercial division of a dynamic and (fast!) growing surf business?

This is a management role for someone who is hungry for sales and has the skills to bring a company to the market and grow it. You’ll have a gift for business development and be slick in your approach to hitting targets and making stuff happen.

We take pride in our brand and are looking for an experienced and energetic Sales & Marketing Manager to bring expertise to our team, and work with us to take Narosa to the next level.


What we’re looking for

Your Experience


  1. You are Captain Strategy, helping deliver the overall commercial vision of the company as set out by the Directors.
  2.  You are goal driven and are comfortable delivering to specific targets.
  3. Sales come naturally to you and you know exactly when to ease off and when to really lean into a lead.
  4. You know social media inside out: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & TikTok are all second nature to you. You know what’s trending and you know exactly how to brief, curate and schedule content with our creators.
  5. You execute and get things done.
  6. You’re independent and take ownership of your responsibilities and tasks.
  7. You’re a quick learner. Things move fast here!

Your Vibe


  1. You ideally have a background in either fashion, surf or the outdoors. We want to see that you know our market.
  2. You have high energy levels and a positive outlook on life. We love to see those good vibes!
  3. You’re cool as a cucumber under pressure.
  4. Your communication is spot on.
  5. You have a keen eye for detail and are able to present your notes and feedback.
  6. You’re all about having a positive impact on the people you interact with, leaving them with a memorable experience.
  7. You’re well presented. Hair brushed and shoes polished, you’re our face of the brand.
  8. You’re flexible and open to lending a hand where it’s needed.
  9. You leave your ego at the door, and want to join a team that works hard, supports each other and has fun along the way.
  10. You love surf and are passionate about outdoor living. You don’t have to be a pro but a passion for the lifestyle is essential.

You’ll be a creative genius, with a knack for new ideas.

What you’ll be doing

The Role


  1. Report to Senior Management, and take ownership of curating, scheduling and organising our marketing strategy, in line with the company goals.
  2. You’ll be a creative genius, with a knack for new ideas, and you’ll be comfortable presenting to the rest of the Narosa team weekly.
  3. You’ll have your finger on the pulse with the latest social media trends, and be responsible for creating social media plans, in line with Director briefs. That’s everything from Facebook & Instagram to Youtube & Tik-Tok.
  4. You’re constantly seeking out those key moments that really tell the story of our brand. You’ll work with content creators to bring your ideas to life, in line with current sales strategies.
  5. You’ll be comfortable forming links with other brands and businesses in surf, fashion, outdoor & wellness spaces to help grow our network, and support the company goals.
  6. You’re adept and efficient at curating content in line with sales briefs so that the style is recognisably Narosa.
  7. You’ll work to targets and generate sales and engagement on key products like our accommodation and packages. You’ll also be happy producing reports and getting to grips with customer stats & sales data.
  8. Have the non-negotiables nailed. Punctual, well presented, reliable and organised are all part of the tone that the Sales & Marketing Manager sets.