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Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Paddleboarding is an increasingly popular and fun activity originating from Hawaii that almost all ages can participate in.

It’s a great exercise offering an all over body workout.

Paddleboarding lets you experience the scenery in a unique and environmentally friendly way exploring the secret beaches, archways, waves and wildlife.

At Narosa we offer

Your First SUP Experience

Learn the basics with our top coaches at Killyhoey estuary or Port Na Blagh harbour.

Tour The Coast

Tour along the coastline under the supervision of our experienced guides, visiting secret beaches, caves, paddling through sea archways with breathtaking views and wildlife. We have a wide range of tour routes available during the day, sunrise or sunset!

Ride The Waves

Learn how to catch, ride and maximise your fun in the waves. Our experienced surf coaches will pick the best spot on the day for waves.