Dunfanaghy is packed with all kinds of eateries, from trendy coffee shops to a good fry up and gourmet dining with sorbet between courses!

You’ll have to make your own mind up on your favourites but here’s some of our recommendations.

Muck and Muffins

The only thing better than the sandwiches and baked potatoes is the banter you’ll get from the staff. Always a cheery atmosphere to warm you up on a cold and blustery day. The sandwiches are packed to bursting and you’ll drown in the amount of tea they put in a pot. And we’ve not even got onto the cake selection!

Lizzies Diner

Open from dawn til dusk you could sit and eat in here all day. Our favourite is the breakfast, ludicrously good value with coffee or tea included. Their famous ‘belly buster’ burger will leave you wobbly afterwards, or maybe thats the BYOB and free corkage! Another place with a mighty friendly team who’s mission is to fill you up with good food.

Cafe Arnou

Cafe Arnou begins the day with coffees and by night moonlights as a gourmet burger bar. The menu has great variety especially if you’re a little more health conscious. We highly recommend the sweet potato fries and with options like pulled pork burgers and falafel pitas you’ve plenty to get excited about!

The Rusty Oven

Fantastic spot for a sour dough pizza. Always busy but you can grab a drink from Patsy Dan’s and retell the tale about that amazing wave you caught while you wait. If the sun is shining sit outside and be amazed by the crispy sour dough bases and well thought through topping combos. If you’re feeling a little fruity you can order a dessert pizza with seasonal fruits and nutella. Nom flipping nom.


Gallop on the beach and sink some putts.


Go climb dunes, make footprints and snap some beautiful sunsets.


Walk in the hills, explore Ireland’s history, and commune with nature.