Jude is the creative head of the Narosa team. She was born and raised in Germany and moved to Dunfanaghy after she had finished her degree in Digital Media in Bremen, Germany.

Jude joined Narosa as digital and graphic designer and is responsible for the website, as well as print products, clothing designs, pretty things in and around the surf shop and the overall branding of Narosa.

If you have been to the shop in Dunfanaghy before, you’ve probably seen Jude’s face as well, since she’s the chief in charge of the shop (that is when the real chiefs are down at the beach running surfing lessons). You might as well have tried to figure out where to place that slightly Irish/Scottish/foreign accent. She’s half Vietnamese as well by the way, just to make it even more multinational!

Jude started surfing with Narosa and has been addicted to it ever since. She loves living in Donegal with its stunning scenery and calming atmosphere and can’t get enough of the fresh air. When she’s not working on new hoodie designs, playing with her son Oscar, knitting or surfing, she spends her time finding her inner self at yoga. Om!