Lee loves the sea, hence a lifelong dedication to surfing and spending time in and around the beach. Narosa is the best way he can think of to share this passion. Getting outdoors, moving your body, taking in the sun (wind or rain) and getting rolled by a few waves is an incredible way to spend some time. He keeps the rest of us in check by steering the overall vision and development of Narosa.

Lee started surfing as a teenager in the chilly waters of Aberdeen. Since then he’s surfed his way around the globe, experiencing some of the world’s most famous waves and scoping out remote breaks off the beaten track.

He’s a keen photographer, and can frequently be found flying his drone or taking shots of the Donegal landscape.

When he’s on dry land, Lee practices 5 Element Acupuncture and off duty spends most of his time running around after his kids Oscar & Ella, and hanging out with his wife Jude. He’s a closet fan of American Idol and drinking tea with Tunnocks Caramel Wafers.