COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response
April 13, 2020 Surf Guru

The beginning of 2020 did not play out as anyone would have hoped.  From the beginning of the year we’ve been planning and working to create an even better Narosa experience for all of our customers and were excited to share this with you all.  

Like all of you we have had to adopt a new, temporary lifestyle as the Corona Virus outbreak took over. We received countless messages of support and well-wishes from you guys which has kept the stoke alive while we’ve been closed. 

Despite these trying times there is light on the horizon, following the initial phase of lockdown we are seeing an easing of restrictions in the coming months and a gradual return to normality.


How are we going to operate during COVID-19?

We are delighted to gradually re-open our business in a controlled and responsible way from the 8th of June. Safety is at the forefront of everything we do and the wellbeing of our customers and staff is our highest priority. 

All our processes have been audited, revised and adapted to ensure they follow Government guidelines, and we’ll continue to make sure we’re up to speed with best practice.


What our customers need to know

We have completely overhauled our daily practices within the Surf School. We have put in new measures to make sure that we can maintain social distance between staff and customers. Likewise, any equipment that is hired out will go through a more rigorous cleaning before it is allowed to go out again.

From a practical perspective the key changes that everyone booking and attending a session needs to be aware of are:

Booking your session:

  • Please be aware – we will become a mobile Surf School until we can safely welcome people back to Narosa HQ in Dunfanaghy, this means we will be meeting at the beach rather than at Narosa Shop.
  • Sessions can only be booked online, we can’t take cash, only card payment. 
  • Upon making a booking the customer will be emailed the new protocols. On the day before the session we will contact you with the time and location of the session.

On the day of your session:

  • Customers should be aware of their health status – if feeling ill or unwell they should let us know to reschedule the lesson.
  • Customers will meet us outdoors at the beach and will be asked to meet the instructor on a per household basis. 
  • Equipment will be allocated following social distancing guidelines and customers will change beside their own vehicle.


What we are doing behind the scenes

At Narosa new operating procedures have been put in place so we can begin to enjoy the ocean again in a safe and responsible way.They are as follows:

Stagger Customer Arrival

Customers will be asked to arrive at different times throughout the day. This will ensure that the running of sessions will remain as clean as possible and prevent people from breaking the 2 metre social distance rule.

Ask Customers to be Prepared

We will ask all customers to think about their booked activity and arrive appropriately dressed for the session, toggs on team! This will limit the usage of changing rooms and toilets – helping to prevent the spread.

Increased Wetsuit Wash

All of our wetsuits are being even more thoroughly cleaned. The soap and antibacterial wash have been medically proven to kill COVID-19. In addition to this, we have increased the soak time of our wetsuits up to 15 minutes for a longer wash.

All Equipment Sterilised

Any other equipment used or hired out such as surfboards, wetsuit accessories, buoyancy aids etc. will also be properly cleaned and sterilised before they can be used again.

Rotate Kit Use

We have enough kit in stock that we are able to stagger how often it’s used. This ensures that there is sufficient time between session bookings using the same piece of equipment – allowing them to be fully cleaned and fresh for use.

Be Aware of Customer Skill

As mentioned before, we will make sure your level of experience matches the conditions of the water. This will limit the need for instructor assistance and will maintain a safe social distance.

Emergency Situations

Social Distancing will only be broken during an emergency situation and if required will be carried out as quickly as possible. If social distancing is broken by a member of staff government guidelines will be followed.

Social Distancing

For all of our lessons, we have adjusted our teaching methods to constantly maintain a safe distance between staff and customers. For instance; if you find yourself needing a hand while you’re on a SUP board – we can remedy this by hooking up a tow line and pulling you to safety. If you are in a surf lesson, we will make sure you are always in the safest conditions to minimise any chance of drifting.

Client Details

These will be kept for Contact Tracing purposes in line with all current Government guidance and data collection.

We are meeting at the beach

We will now become mobile as we will not be using our normal location and facilities. We will be meeting at whichever beach has the most suitable conditions for each days activities. We will be going back to basics, changing outdoors or at your own car.

Cash Not Accepted

When you call to book an experience you will be asked to pay via an online platform thus eliminating the need for handling cash or transfers on site.

Adapted Coaching Style and Lesson Plans

As we cannot be so hands on during this time we have adapted our coaching methods to suit this need.

PPE For Staff When Required

All staff will be provided with relevant and appropriate PPE equipment should they need it.


We ask that customers bring their own equipment where possible, we understand this is not always possible so we have as mentioned above, a range of our high quality equipment is always sterilised and ready for public use.


We are really putting an emphasis on demonstration and communication. If you pay attention and listen to the instructor at all times, this will definitely be a safe and repeatable experience during the ongoing situation around COVID-19.


Benefits of surfing now

We don’t know much, but we know this, surfing has helped us stay mentally and physically well all our lives. It’s why we encourage others to do it – we love seeing it becoming a positive force for others.

Different people get different things out of surfing – some just love being in the sea – bobbing around in a huge expanse of emerald green offers a sense of perspective or peace. Some love the challenge and skill involved in harnessing energy of waves for fun. Some just need to blow off some steam and find that it relaxes them. All of these reasons are great reasons to surf, but the cumulative effect is that it helps us maintain a positive outlook. So whilst we appreciate the need to be safe while doing it, we personally can’t think of a better time to surf.

We all look forward to seeing you out there in the breakers, hopefully with a big goofy grin on your face – we’ll be smiling right back.


Accommodation Covid-19 Cancellation policy

If COVID-19 affects your travel plans (we hope it doesn’t!) here is the current cancellation policy for Narosa Accommodation.


Reservations for stays made after 14 March 2020 will not be covered by an extenuating circumstances policy except where the guest or host is currently sick with COVID-19. COVID-19-related circumstances not covered include: transport disruptions and cancellations; travel advisories and restrictions; health advisories and quarantines; changes to applicable law; and other government mandates such as evacuation orders, border closures, prohibitions on short-term rentals, and lockdown requirements.


If a guest has to cancel a reservation due to being sick with Covid-19, a full refund will be issued, providing a doctor’s note confirming a positive test is provided.


Unfortunately at this time, no other refunds will be issued for any other Covid-19 related reason.