Trying a surf coaching session for the first time is incredible


Surf Coaching

We love sharing the stoke

We approach every lesson with the aim of not just offering a great one-off experience of surfing, but for surfing to become a positive force in our customers lives, even in a small way.


This mantra means we keep coach to student ratio low, so we can offer more personalised tuition – understanding where you are starting from and finding a personalised path to progression.

Also this low ratio mean we can listen to our students so they get out of surfing what they want – whether that is getting fitter, sharing waves with friends, perfecting a cut-back, or just having a big smile on their face at the end of the day.

Our hope is when you leave us, you take a bit of our stoke with you.


We know our playground

The north-west Donegal coastline is an amazingly beautiful place. We’d love it if all it was pretty, but it also is a world-class place to enjoy and perfect your surfing.


Beyond just picking up all the swell the Atlantic has to dish out, this particularly part of the coast also has a wide variety of beaches, point breaks and reefs, facing all directions.

The consistent swell coupled with this geographical variety, means on any given day we can offer students chilled out beach breaks for those learning to stand-up to a grinding point for those perfecting their turns.

Our students progress faster and have more fun because we combine decades of surf coaching and forecasting expertise with the astonishing natural, surf resources of this part of Donegal.

We love it here, come and make our playground become yours.


We give you the skills & “feels” to progress

Surfing isn’t just a technical exercise.
Students need to feel confident in the ocean before they can surf well, so we teach surf forecasting, board skills and beach observation before you paddle out.


Once at the beach, we break technique into simple-to-practice movements that are easily integrated into your surfing, so you spend more time on waves as opposed to under them.

Every lesson has a learning objective as part of a planned progression through a series of surfing levels, all designed to allow our students to understand what they need to work on to progress.

This holistic, planned approach allows us to progress surfers of all abilities rapidly – and have a lot of fun while they do.


We use the latest training methods applied in a way we know work

We actively seek out new innovations and training techniques, both at home and from the influential surfing hubs of Hossegor, San Sebastian and Sydney. We have distilled down and perfected the use of the most effective and incorporated them into progression pathways.


Some examples include:
– Capturing quality film at the beach to compare your technique with the pro’s.
– Leading carve skateboard sessions to practice the surf skills on-land and perfect your technique before you get back in the water.


Lesson Prices

Surf Lesson

Kids 6-16 Years

€35 / lesson

  • ISA Approved Instructor
  • Warm Wetsuit
  • Surfboard


Surf Lesson

Adults 17+ Years

€50 / lesson

  • ISA Approved Instructor
  • Warm Wetsuit
  • Surfboard


Surf Lesson

1:1 or 2:1 coaching

€120 / lesson

  • 2 people – €70 / each
  • ISA Approved Instructor
  • Board & Suit included


Session lasts 1hr 30mins,
a suntan and smiles guaranteed.


Surf Coaching Weekends

Progress your surfing with a weekend of intensive coaching.

Surf Experience Weeks

Join us for one of our premium Narosa experience weeks. You’ll enjoy progressive surf coaching, video analysis and an overall amazing time in this beautiful part of the world.

First Time Surfing

Never been surfing? Before you book a lesson, let us guide you through what to expect.