Chef (Magheraroarty)

Position: Full time/part time, Fixed term


What we’re looking for

Your Experience


  1. You have previous experience working in a kitchen environment and heading up a team
  2. You’re an expert in menu creation and know how to create a beautiful plate that customers want to eat
  3. You’ve a passion for delicious food, and serving up the best to our customers. 
  4. You have high energy levels and a positive outlook on life. We love to see those good vibes!
  5. You execute and get things done.
  6. You’re cool as a cucumber under pressure.
  7. You’re all about having a positive impact on the people you interact with, leaving them with a memorable experience

Your Vibe


  1. You’re well presented. Hair brushed and shoes polished, you’re our face of the brand.
  2. You’re independent and take ownership of your responsibilities and tasks.
  3. You’re a quick learner. Things move fast here!
  4. You are scarily organised.
  5. You’re flexible and open to lending a hand where it’s needed.
  6. You want to join a team that works hard, supports each other and has fun along the way.

Curate our menus and take charge of flavours, ingredients and what we’re serving up.

What you’ll be doing

The Role


  1. Head up the kitchen team and operation and keep the customers sweet by consistently delivering perfect brunches, lunches & snacks at our cafe in Magheraroarty.
  2. Curate our menus and take charge of flavours, ingredients and what we’re serving up.
  3. Have an impeccable taste for delicious flavours and visuals. You’ll be the expert when it comes to all things food.
  4. Have the visuals in check. Your space looks immaculate at all times, so when customers walk in they’re blown away. We’re talking everything from executing daily cleaning tasks in line with H&S standards, to frequent stock top-ups and deep cleans of the space.
  5. Keep a close eye on what’s selling. You’ll liaise with suppliers to ensure you’ve got exactly what you need, when you need it. The stock will be your domain and your stock checks will be on point. Colour coding welcomed.
  6. Liaise on a regular basis with our Magheraroarty Shop Manager to ensure that there’s perfect synergy between front of house and back of house.
  7. Have the non-negotiables nailed. Punctual, well presented, reliable and organised are all part of the tone that the Chef sets.