A Tiny House by the Sea: Built from the Deck Up.

A Tiny House by the Sea: Built from the Deck Up.
February 19, 2021 Harriet Henderson

Many of us have dreams of a little place by the sea, but the out-house that eventually became Captain’s Tiny House at Narosa certainly wasn’t built with that intention in mind. 

This wee corner of Narosa HQ, which was formerly the premises for the AIB bank here in Dunfanaghy, has served many functions, and evolved through the years along with the rest of the site. 

Initially the space served its as-built garage purpose and became a bit of an Aladdin’s Cave for surfers, full of interesting surf boards, forgotten fins and well worn wetsuits. As is often the case with out-houses and attics, they become a space for items to gather that were once loved but no longer used.

The overflowing shelves were the motivation to give the space its first new lease of life and following a grand clear our in 2014, Captain’s at Narosa opened as a speciality coffee & juice bar. Folks would travel from far and wide to sample the most delicious blends, and the smell of freshly ground coffee beans drifting across our yard was welcomed by surfers and non-surfers alike!

As Captain’s coffee bar moved to take the prime position in the lobby of our surf shop, the seed had already been sown in Lee’s mind to transform the space into a Tiny House which would add to our existing two bedroom apartment accommodation offering, The Old Bank. Many a sketch was drawn up, puzzling over the very best layout of the space, and eventually the design was finalised to include a fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom and comfy bed tucked into the eves of the building.


Striking gold.

But the story of how the Tiny House came into being, actually starts on the ground rather than in the rafters. One of the first things that strikes you as you walk through the door is the deep, rich rose coloured wood of its floor. Much like the Tiny House itself, this reclaimed timber also had other lives before it found its home here as an integral feature of the interiors.

Whilst out sourcing materials, we spotted a hidden treasure when we uncovered the stash of unworked hardwood squirrelled away in the back of a timber yard. It was dirty and dusty, but when we looked closely we knew we had struck gold. The reclaimed hardwood had previously been intended for harbour doors, such was the durability and quality of the material.



The first step to create a surfer’s retreat.

We needed a hand to turn the timber into the polished wood you see in the house today. We managed to find that helping hand in the timber yard itself as by a stroke of fate, the chap who owned it was retiring the very next day. We managed to persuade him to help work the wood into the polished planks that were needed, planing away the top layer of dust and dirt to reveal the grain. This effort actually involved rebuilding one of the machines that was also being retired the next day, but the elderly gent liked the idea of leaving his mark on a Tiny House by the sea.


A perfect adventure spot.

Those floorboards that needed so much work inspired the rest of the interiors, as they sit in contrast to the driftwood walls and the minimalist Scandi kitchen. They were the first piece of the puzzle that created the jigsaw that is Captain’s Tiny House. The furniture which brings style and comfort to the space, was curated in rich, warm colours to bring cosiness in all seasons. We really want guests to feel the space is their little haven, however wild the weather is outside. Other storytelling pieces can be discovered in the Tiny House, like the original Captain’s lettering from the coffee bar days, and an old ship’s wheel which was formerly stored in the garage.

It its new lease of life, we welcome guests year round to come surf and stay at Narosa in this neat little cottage by the sea. 


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